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Ryosuke Kaga
Ryosuke Kaga
Voiced by Hiro Shimono (Japanese)
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Other attributes

Ryosuke Kaga is the main character of the series and the sole male protagonist. His life is summed up as a pervert, but he becomes more when he forms a life-energy contract with Lisara. She will die in 3 months if they cannot find "the special specimen" in time.


He is a second year student at Momozomo Academy. Ryosuke is often described as being perverse by girls. He has lightly blue-gray hair. He cares deeply about girls, calling them, "treasures". 


He lives by himself with his dog Caesar (until Lisara moved in) while at the meantime his mother works overseas; his father passed away when he was three. Ryosuke maintains himself with the allowances that he receives from his mother.


To others he is called the most perverted student at Momozomo Academy



Lisara Restall - Despite perverted acts towards Lisara, Ryosuke cares very much about Lisara, even more than every other girl and is hinted throughout the show to be in love with her.

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